Contact Improv Workshop

Saturday, February 6th
1-3 PM

Contact Improvisation is a moving meditation driven by the connection between you and your surroundings. This dance allows you to express yourself and communicate with others without the use of words. You are challenged to make spontaneous choices, as you listen to yourself and those around you with extreme intent. When in contact, you practice trust in your partner to take care of your well-being, as your partner practices trust in you to take care of their well-being.

I invite you into an environment of endless opportunities, possibilities, and acceptance. Love yourself, love others, and let others love you. Share your energy and it will be received with gratitude.

Workshop Leader:
Kelsey Keil graduated cum laude from Webster University in 2012 where she earned a BA in Dance. Her love for contact improvisation escalated when she lived in Israel for a year to train, choreograph, and perform; while there, she had the opportunity to experience the weekly contact improvisation jams held by the strong community that exists there. When Kelsey returned to St. Louis, she immediately worked on trying to build a strong community through contact improvisation. For over 3 years, she has taught contact improvisation workshops and has hosted jams open to the St. Louis community at locations, such as Community, Arts, & Movement Project (C.A.M.P.), AnneX on Cherokee, and Forest Park. Kelsey is a guest teacher and performer of St. Louis-based Consuming Kinetics Dance Company.

Timebanking 101 Workshop

Sunday, February 14th
2-4 PM

Timebanking is a network engaged in reciprocal exchange of services and skills where the Money-Free currency exchanged is the TIME/HOURS spent by members. At this workshop, you can learn more about this alternative economic movement and why it is such a transformative and inspirational tool that countless of communities have adopted to break down walls, build trust and move from surviving to thriving! The workshop will demonstrate how making exchanges link members in a cycle of reciprocity, review basic timebanking and alternative currency vocabulary and concepts, and place the history of timebanking in St. Louis within the greater context of timebanking in the U.S.

Workshop Leader:
The Cowry Collective

The Cowry Collective Timebank (CCTB) is a network of individual and organizational members engaged in a reciprocal exchange of services where the unit of currency is an individual’s hour of time.  CCTB catalogs individuals’ and organizations’ strengths, skills, and willingness to help others, and then connects these individuals and organizations with each other to assist them in meeting their respective needs. The idea is simple: I earn a time credit by spending an hour doing something for you. You turn around and earn a time credit doing something for an hour for someone else.  It is a money-free pay-it-forward network.

Anti-Oppression & Facilitation Training Workshop

Saturday, February 13th
12-2 PM

Dynamics of privilege and oppression bleed into our creative, cultural, and community spaces. The art of facilitating involves guiding a group toward a shared goal, while making sure the dialogue and planning is equitable in the process. These skills transfer to every aspect of our personal, social, and political lives. By learning intentional facilitation strategies, we can become more empowered and mindful change agents, dreaming and discussing our way to a radically better tomorrow.

Workshop leader:
Mary Bifulco has been sitting in circles sharing stories, feelings, and ideas for five years now. She comes from Columbia, MO with a background in anti-violence education and anti-oppression training, and can now be found in St. Louis selling books, writing essays, frequently hiccupping, and dreaming of a queer, crip future tense.