For Love and Money

We have such a hard time talking about money. We feel constrained and burdened by it. We work for it everyday and we often have a hard time managing it. What if we came to a different relationship with it? What if we understood that we have an actual abundance of wealth in a variety of forms? What if the non-capitalist forms of exchange we already participate in were socially valued? What is it going to take to get there?

Money really does grow on trees (in the sense that it is only paper backed by faith)!

For Love AND money is an intensive series where we get comfortable with the almighty dollar. As women and femmes, we’ll gather to discuss our work, our debt, our wealth, our successes and our failures. Readings will address women’s role in the social reproduction of everyday life, affective labor, ‘mansplaining’ as a mode of (financial) violence, and other ways of positioning ourselves in relation to ‘value’. For Love and Money consists of four two hour-long sessions devoted to theoretical discussion, movement activities, collective visualization, and space for healing and growth. 

We are asking for donations equivalent to your hourly wage for each session to cover our costs and the costs of printing. We will meet at (Mary) Strauss Park located at the intersection of Washington Ave and Grand Blvd. Unable to be there in person for some reason (out of town, stuck at home with the kids, etc.)? Get in touch with us about options for ‘Skyping’ in to the sessions. Attendance at all four sessions is encouraged, but not required. At each session we will distribute fancy, lady-crafted zines containing the reading materials for the next session.
Wednesday June 29th @ 7pm:

For Love and Money: Intro to Feminist Economics

In our first session we will get to know each other along with our unique and common relationships to money and work. We will set intentions for the intensive, discuss group projects, reflect on foundational texts (from Rebecca Solnit, Marilyn Waring, and Ursula K. Le Guin), and hear from Chinyere Oteh of the Cowry Collective.

Readings for Session 1: Introduction

Saturday July 2nd @2pm:

‘Care work’ and the Labor Market

In this session we will review some of the core elements of economic theory stemming from criticisms of Marx’s limited views on the role of women in the labor market. We will look closely at the Wages for Housework campaign, other related movements and manifestos, and black socialist feminists’ (Detroit circa 1970s) critiques of the original campaign.

Readings for Session 2: Carework and the Labor Market

Wednesday, July 6th @7pm:

Debt & Money

What is debt? What is money? Are these different things (answer: no, not really)? We all have so much debt and maybe it is not just because we are ‘shopaholics’ as many financial literacy guides for women would have us believe. We will gather to share information about our own finances with one another, learn about the ways in which a history of debt is tied to a history of patriarchy, and learn about some of our options for debt resistance.

Readings for Session 3: Debt or “You are not a Loan”

Saturday, July 9th @2pm MEETING AT CAM:


In our final session, we will focus on abundance and other ways of reevaluating value itself. How can we theorize an implement an economic theory in our own lives that does not depend on the dollar or the debt industrial complex or rely on false notions of scarcity and limited resources. We’ll draft our ideas, goals, and hopes for a future of economic and political liberation for women, femmes, and for all. We’ll hear from guest speaker Liz Deichmann of Midwest Artist Project Services. We will form networks of accountability and support moving forward. Parting gifts will be circulated.

Readings for Session 4: Abundance

Surprise Extra Session

Tuesday, July 12th @ 7pm


All workshop sessions will involve exploring our relationship to money and value. As individuals and a group, we will work to redefine and map our new economic future. Please wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring a cushion or pillow for the outdoor patio-style seating.

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